Bed and Breakfast Seminars & Workshops

If you want to learn how to run a bed and breakfast or full service inn, Eliot Dalton and The B&B Team® promise you the “Better Way to Learn Innkeeping,™” a step-by-step process ensuring that your vision is synchronized with the personal, financial, operational, and marketing realities of owning and operating a successful inn.

All About Intensive Innkeeping Workshops


A One-Day Intensive Innkeeping Workshop is a great way to turn your innkeeping aspirations into an effective plan. Limited to a maximum of 8 participants, it is highly individualized. The workshop includes a comprehensive survey and phone consultation beforehand so that emphasis is placed on topics according to your own scenarios, goals and questions. You will be immersed in an intensely informative process that covers the essential “how to start a B&B” topics, including the process of building the profile and brand of your inn, aspects of inn financing and business planning.


For workshop information and to register, please select a program:


The One-Day Intensive Workshop Package Includes:

  • Comprehensive survey and phone consultation beforehand
  • One full day of small group instruction
  • Lunch
  • Comprehensive workbooks and industry reference materials
  • Follow-up planning consultation afterwards to create an action plan
  • Q&A meetings with local innkeepers

The fee is only $250.00 for two people. The cost of your lodging is additional. Upon confirmation of your registration we will schedule your pre-session phone consultation and provide you with information as to making your lodging reservations. One-Day Intensive Workshops are scheduled in destinations that have much to discover, so plan to spend one or two nights as a fun part of your education. And join us for dinner on Friday and/or Saturday (at your expense) as a relaxed way to get to know one another!

Essential “Starting an Inn or Bed and Breakfast” Topics Include:

  • Building the profile of your inn – make it right for you
  • Due diligence – know before you buy
  • Finding and acquiring the inn – the process
  • Inn financing – what you need to know
  • Inn valuation – is the price right?
  • Business planning – your road map to success in starting a bed and breakfast

In your One-Day Intensive Innkeeping Workshop™, the time spent exploring each topic varies according to participants’ needs and interests. Expect a fast-paced, information-packed day as you learn what you need to know to start or purchase the inn that you envision.

In addition to a full day of small group instruction, your One-Day Intensive Workshop includes a follow-up planning consultation afterwards, and visits with local innkeepers.