Helping You Sell Your Inn

Expert Guidance, from Valuation to Settlement

You have worked hard to build your inn business and now you are ready to reap the rewards. Your bed and breakfast for sale is a unique property within a very special industry. Today, the market for selling inns and bed and breakfasts is crowded and competitive. You deserve a knowledgeable, experienced inn broker who will help you put your inn on the market in the best possible position.

When you contact Eliot Dalton, your inquiry is handled in strict confidence. He will discuss your needs, and outline the steps to selling your inn – from assessment, to valuation, to marketing, to negotiating a successful sale.

Eliot has a thorough working knowledge of the financial aspects of the innkeeping business. Many factors contribute to the value of your inn and setting the proper selling price is the key to a timely sale.

A Marketability Assessment and Valuation is a comprehensive analysis of your inn business. Factors such as location, condition, and financials are examined using an analytical process to determine your inn’s market value. This proven method, developed by The B&B Team®, helps correctly price your property.

Once you have listed your inn with Eliot, a marketing plan is implemented. The goal is to make as many qualified buyers as possible aware of your property, while handling inquiries with as much discretion as you require. Your bed and breakfast for sale, full service inn, resort or boutique hotel will be listed on the Eliot Dalton website and The B&B Team® website, promising outstanding market exposure. Other marketing tools, both “virtual” and real, are also put into place.

When a buyer makes an acceptable offer, the process of negotiating and completing the sale begins. Eliot is involved at every step. This includes preparing a profile of your inn to present to potential lenders and assisting buyers in finding financing. Eliot works to bring all the contractual details together, assuring a smooth transaction.

Do you have questions? Please call or email Eliot, he would be happy to discuss your needs!