Bed & Breakfast Workshop Questionnaire

  • To provide you with the best possible workshop experience, we would like to learn about your Bed & Breakfast goals. Please answer the following questions in as much detail as possible. When you have completed it please click "Submit".
  • Thoughts to consider include:
    Do you wish to operate a Bed and Breakfast or Full-Service Inn with Restaurant?
    Will the property be owner-operated or have managers?
    Do you want to concentrate on Weddings/Special Events or the Individual Traveler?
    What number of guestrooms do you think would be optimal? Why?
    Would you like to be in a rural, small town/village, or urban setting? Why?
    Is there a geographical or acreage requirement and why?
    Is there an architectural style you prefer? Is this a limiting factor in your search?
    What do you see as your Brand (beside the obvious of being FUN): Elegant, Rustic, Cottage, Formal, Casual, Eco/Green, Farm to Table/Foodie?
    What are the requirements for the owner’s quarters? How many bedrooms/baths?
    Do you have pets or larger animals? Do you have children who will live with you? If so, will the school district be important?

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