Monhegan House is a classic Maine island inn featuring 28 guest rooms and a 60 seat restaurant. The inn has been in continuous operation for more than 150 years and embodies vintage island character and charm. Located in the center of the village, Monhegan House is a short walk from the ferry dock. There are no paved roads on 700-acre Monhegan Island, a summer haven for artists and other residents. The village, art colony and rugged wilderness are what attract the thousands of visitors who flock here each summer.

Guests of Monhegan House enter a welcoming lobby with comfortable seating and a cozy fireplace. There’s a separate common room for the exclusive use of hotel guests. The four-story inn has two suites with private baths and a shared deck on the first floor. Guest rooms on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor share recently renovated, meticulously maintained bath facilities. All rooms feature views of the ocean or lighthouse. The simple style of the lodging rooms suits the island’s rugged grandeur. The restaurant, open to the public, strikes the right balance between comfort food and haute cuisine, featuring local, seasonal fare.

The Novelty is a sandwich/ice cream/wine shop that is open to the public. Located behind the inn, the Novelty is included in the sale. Also included: a cottage for the owner, buildings for staff housing and a workshop.

Monhegan House is profitable, very well maintained and ready to convey. If the mystique of Monhegan Island appeals to you, you really should visit this fine inn.