Innkeeping Seminar & Workshop Q & A

Do you have questions about “Better Way To Learn Innkeeping™” Seminars for aspiring innkeepers? We have answers! If your questions aren’t answered here, please contact us. We are happy to speak to you!

Q: Why should I attend an Innkeeping Workshop, Seminar or Boot Camp?

A: By taking a “Better Way To Learn Innkeeping™” seminar or workshop, you will be more informed about the process of acquiring an inn, the realities of financing, inn operations, and the Innkeeping lifestyle than if you go it alone. Knowledge is power. By taking the “ABC’S of Running Your Inn” boot camp, you’ll get practical hands-on experience in the daily operations of Innkeeping and the many steps involved in providing a great guest experience.

Q: Why should I choose The B&B Team® program?

A: The B&B Team® is a unique group of experienced innkeepers, consultants and brokers. We have owned and run successful inns, and are accomplished instructors. Each of us contributes to the knowledge base that is the foundation of the “Better Way To Learn Innkeeping™” method. We each have our own style, but you benefit from the experience of us all!

Q: Intensive workshops, comprehensive workshops, seminars and boot camp  – what’s the difference?

A: “Better Way To Learn Innkeeping™” is offered in four formats:

  • Intensive Workshops are limited to 8 participants and are highly individualized. Key aspects of starting a bed and breakfast are covered, with time spent on topics varying according to individual needs. Intensive Workshops are presented in “round table” discussion style.
  • Comprehensive Workshops take place in one fast-paced day. The same thorough overview is covered as in weekend seminars but without as much time for exercises and questions. Workshops are presented to the group in lecture style.
  • Weekend Seminars, offered over a weekend, at a host inn, provide a thorough overview of starting a bed and breakfast, covering many essential topics. Seminars are taught to the group in an interactive lecture style. The group enjoys meals together and there is casual time for participants and leaders to get to know each other.
  • The ABC’S of Running Your Inn is a four-day hands-on program that takes place at a host inn where you will stay and experience the actual practice of innkeeping. From preparing breakfast to cleaning rooms, this fun, practical boot camp allows you to experience all the steps that keep guests returning again and again. Limited to a maximum of 4 people. For those who have taken a Better Way To Learn Innkeeping™ seminar or workshop, or who have decided to become innkeepers.

Q: When and where are “Better Way To Learn Innkeeping™” seminars, workshops and intensive workshops offered?

A: We offer programs many times a year in many locations. Choose one based on your preferred learning style in a location that is convenient for you. For the current schedule, visit the “Better Way To Learn Innkeeping™” Seminar Schedule page.